Sunday, February 5, 2012

Matilda Jane Party!!

Did you know I'm hosting one? Yes I sure am!!  What is Matilda Jane -- it's a cutie patootie little clothing line that's mostly sold via trunk shows set up in your home!  Well, we are such a mobile family... my "trunk show" is all virtual.  You can shop at their website - but I will warn you ahead of time.  Brace yourself for sticker shock.  This isn't the bargain basement of shopping... think more along the lines of Easter dress and special fun?  The clothes are designed and sewn with a lot of whimsy and unusual matchy kind of style. I love it! 
So what's special about THIS trunk show?  My trunk keeper Heather has offered to donate 10% of her profits to research for Tuberous Sclerosis!  How fun?  So I up'ed the anti.  I will be sewing a brand new dress to be donated for every dress purchased.  I'm going to be donating to - a Christian organization dedicating to providing a brand new dress to needy children all around the world.

Who's excited?
You can shop at   Click "shop the collection"  The newest collection that was JUST released is called Seredipity ( on the left hand column).  You can place items on your "wishlist" and then send your wishlist to my email address and I'll call you to finish up your order!!  Try and send these in today.  We are closing out the party tomorrow.  I will also re-order next weekend for anybody who stumbles upon this late or needs to wait.
Please - this isn't time to "buy in" because you feel guilty and want to help. This is purely fun and for those of you that would chose to shop here anyway - then there is a little extre incentive for you guys!  OK!!

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