Saturday, December 19, 2009


We told Lily we were going to see Santa. She was excited and was ready to put on her "hoHO" hat! As we circled through the mall looking for him - she called out "Santaaaaa where are you." And then we found him. We were all still kicks and giggles until it came time to sit on his lap... She was less than thrilled and quickly pulled out all of her little cute/sad tricks. All I can say is that Santa was.. um... less than jolly himself. He truly summed up what we expected an Alaskan Santa to be. We paid for our pictures and laughed all the way home -- we'll surely be able to tell Lily about her trip to see her Alaskan Santa. At least it wasn't all out bawling this year!


We had a blast... what can I say. We had a great time in a magical place, with some great friends, food and fun!! Mozzie and Papa Pernell GRACIOUSLY flew all the way up to Alaska for us to have our fun in the sun. As you can see from the pictures.... we desperately needed the sun.
We had a wonderful time - the kids did great AND Mozzie and Papa survived! Thanks to them... the only way we were willing to go was if we didn't have to fly with the kids!
We were able to see all the parks with the great military discount that we got! We spent day 1 in the Magic Kingdom doing all things Disney. Days 2 - 5 we saw Epcot, toured the countries, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom! The food was amazing and Disney was SUPER helpful with all of the allergies/food restrictions I had while there. We enjoyed our hotel and even swimming in the pool.... OUTSIDE? Can you believe that? People can swim in water that's outside without freezing. Who would have thought...
I tortured our friend when I made them endure Figment's ride... my favorite as a child. It wasn't my fault that we rode the Jungle Snooze (Cruise) OR this fine ride showcased here.

We were able to ride Space Mountain even though it was closed... thoroughly enjoyed the Hollywood Tower of Terror and the Toy Story Mania rides! Those were some of our very favorites among others. We even enjoyed all of the Christmas decorations! What a GREAT time of year to go to Disney... we hardly waited in lines at all. We even had a great team plan our trip and itenarary at NO charge to us! Let me know if you're planning a trip to Disney and I'll pass you their information!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lily and her veggies...

And this video is older... but still so cute. Lily LOVES Nemo and she gets really worried about him - she's constantly telling him what to do! LOL So before he gets taken away Lily tries to warn him several times. Now when she watches it, she repeats several full lines... mimics everyone (Bruce the shark is hilarious) and usually always screams about 2 seconds before anything scarey happens and then reassures me "ok mama, it's ok" HAhaha. Funny girl. I had some of Reese giggling.. but I deleted them by accident. Oops!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Cookies and Bathroom stories... wait, did I say bathroom?

Yep - that's right. Bedtime stories sounds more appropriate - but not here :o) Lily is currently taking notice of the potty and occasionally wants to sit there... She's made a little progress and managed to do her thang once or twice - but we don't hold our breath. Today was particularly funny because not only was she tring to do her... um.. #2 thang (again, only partially successful and even funnier to watch Josh clean it up) - she asked for her book and politely sat and read it. What did we do? Grab the camera like good little parents.

We decided to have a little fun... err - make a little mess. Ok, more like A LOT of mess and make some Christmas cookies! I made them all up, allergen free of course -- and prepared the icing during nap time! Then it was time to decorate. Lily had a BLAST and especially loved the sprinkles. She would get so excited when asked for the sprinkles that she'd start saying "skpwinfoisoid" and look at you in a hurry for you to pass them her way!! Despite her sprinkling MUCH more than her cookies - it was a good time AND the cookies? YUMMMMY.