Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You're moving to England?

Yes folks, it's true.  We're heading to the United Kingdom.  I think we'll have to get our own double decker bus to tour around in?  Seems a family of 5 is big these days :)  We were given the opportunity... and had to make a quick decision.  After much heming and hawing... praying... seeking advice... flipping coins... playing spin the bottle (what?  Ok we didn't do that) -- we decided to go.  We felt like itw as the opportunity of a lifetime - so with some sadness, bitterness, worry and maybe even a touch of regret before we even leave - we said yes.  While we're nervous and overwhelmed -- more importantly we're excited, thrilled, nervous (in a good way), anticipating so much and just happy to have the chance!
No - we aren't moving closer to "home" which is always kinda our goal... but, well... if you know me well enough you would expect this decision from me :)  Sounds like something that Kristi would do is what you're all saying in your heads now!  Pack up her family after just buying a house and settling down... moving overseas witha  2 year old... 3.5 year old and newborn for goodness sakes!  Subject her family and friends to an even longer flight and more time-changes to think about when calling and visiting.  Yep - I did it... and I'm suckering in my dear husband along with me.
"Cheerio mates".  Oh wait... that's not right.  "Bloody hell" - yes yes, that's right BUT not so appropriate (even though they said it in Harry Potter!).  Let's just go with "Long live the Queen"  -- that one works?  Meh -w hatever.  We'll learn. 
Big Ben clock tower and Double-decker bus

Happy Birthday Mozzie

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Caleb Joshua Elston

FINALLY entered this world early in the morning on March 25th, 2011.  He decided to be different... which may be a good thing, than his sisters!  He almost made it to his actual due date!!  Even better - he gave me a lovely Harry Potter style stretch  mark smack-dab in the middle of my tummy in the extra week that I had to carry him in utero.  No lie... he made his mark.
Mom, aka "Mozzie", was here already and that came in super handy since my water broke without notice in the middle of the night - around 1:45am!  We made it to the hospital around 3ish... epidural around 5:30 and he was here shortly after weighing 6lbs and 10oz!  Welcome to the world sweet baby Caleb!!!

 Big sisters came to visit their little brother later that day!  Mozzie somehow missed out on the camera pictures... although I got her with the phone camera!  They were super excited and more than cute... ready to hold, cuddle and kiss.  They've both refused to change diapers though...  They were awareded with their "Big-sister-helper-princess-capes" that I made earlier that week.  That was cool... for at least a minute... but not as cool as baby Caleb.

 Time to go home!  We were pleased to leave early on Saturday - before lunch even :)  Guess that's what happens when it's your 3rd child (with an uncomplicated delivery).  Praise the Lord - we're happy to have you here and in our arms little man!! Also pretty cute and a little nostalgic to see you in the same little carseat that your sisters used.