Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy 4.5 months Lily!

ahhh yes.... spring sprung a leak around here. We got about 16 inches of snow last Friday!! Thank goodness most of it has melted away... but we've got flurries on the horizon. Sheesh!
Lilly Belle is now 4 and a half months old!! She had her appt today and is currently snoozing away her immunization blues... (mom had Wendy's to make herself feel better about it.. sniff sniff - it was not fun but easier as the nurse, I promise!)
She sporting some good ole Pernell AND Elston traits...
Height - around 20th percentile - mom's short, but we think this came from Daddy ;)
Weight - 13lbs and 6 oz - 25th percentile (about where she's been) As much as mom would like to claim this one, we think this probably came from Daddy too!
Head circumference - here comes the good ole Pernell side with a whopping 80th percentile! Taking after mama and uncle Poopsie with a whopper of a noggin' And as Bill Pittman would say - and I would agree... it's gotta be all of her extra brains!!!

All in all - she's a skinny little squirmy wormy! She's right on track for her growth curve and that's allll we can hope for!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring has sprung... did Alaska get the memo??

Sheesh... so it was in the 50s earlier this week and we were seriously in short sleeves and shorts (for a bit) outside! Today? Friday? Just in time for the weekend? This is what we get........ GROOOSSSSS

There's probably 6 inches of snow out there already... uuggghhhhh....

And now to a brighter note :o)

Friday, April 18, 2008

This is what we think about Gradma leaving us...

:o) Knew that would make you "crack" a smile....

We love you Granda-ma-ma!!!

And to show you guys my new fashion statement... the cane is SOOOO the new black

PS note that I RARELY ever take the time to get this "dressed" - so I'm really doing ya'll a favor in this picture...)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy 4 months birthday Lily!

Grandma has been SUCH a huge blessing and help to us all!!! We're super duper sad (and nervous) that she's leaving on Thursday night... but we think it's time she gets back home to her life and a REAL springtime (ugghh... it snows as I type...) Sooo for grandma's pleasure and Lily's 4 month birthday - we indulged her in a little rice cereal. We all had a good laugh watching her... We probably won't stick with starting her solids just yet, but it was fun tonight! Grandma was an old pro as catching and re-shoving in the same bite over and over and over again! All in all, she ate it and wore it well :o)
Another funny note that many of you will get a kick out of... is Lily's cloth diapers! Yep, we're CHOOSING to cloth diaper... funny, I know. Blame cousin Analiese and aunt Kristy for this new addiction! So far so good - there is a big learning curve to this whole deal! It's far more popular and trendy these days than most of you probably realize... but our attempt at this is all in the plans of saving money (and helping out with diaper trash is a good alternative) She modeled a few of them for you all to see :o) How cute?!

People always ask...
"Is Lily sleeping through the night?"
-- yes and no... She started sleeping about 6-8 hours somewhere around 8 weeks! Lucky us... I know. I always remind people that she slept good all night and screamed all day :o) So it's not all cake a candy... These days she goes to bed around 8ish and usually wakes at 6ish to eat a little then snuggle in bed with mommmy (aka - mommy makes me stay in bed until she decides to get up) She definitely has nights that she still wakes at 4 or 5 though - and while that's not bad AT ALL, it sure throws mom and dad for a loop!
"Is Lily teething?" - Nope, but she sure drools a lot
"Is she giggling?" - Not really, but she sure talks and coos and chatters a lot!
"What color are her eyes?" - you can see in some photos...but they are still bright blue right now! Her hair is light colored with a tiny hint of red... mostly blonde - but it shows up darker in pictures?
"Has she found her feet?" - Nope... but she sucks ALL OVER her hands all day long! She also looooves to talk to herself in the mirror!

AND - what a praise... Lily has finally grown out of her colicky, fussy, screaming phase! She still fusses, by all means... but nothing like it was!!! She does have reflux and she does have a milk protein allergy... so all of that makes her a little less comfortable from time to time... but she had a tendancy to scream at the top of her lungs much of the day! The last 3 weeks, however, she has improved DRASTICALLY! Yea for a maturing digestive system and a NOW very playful little girl!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Picture proofs online

Find Lily's proof spot and her password is elson_lily

They're super cute :o) They'll only be available for a little while and then they'll be gone - so hurry up and look!!

Also... I've now learned that not only did mommy suck her thumb, bug DADDY also sucked his thumb!!! So at least Lily got it honest...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Like mother like daughter :o)

Sooooooo, for those of you that knew me when I was a baby... (and on up into the 2nd grade) knows that I was quiiiiiiite the thumb sucker. So here's my little mini-me while Grandma Pernell catches her on video