Saturday, October 25, 2008


Lily and I had a nice time in Florida and NC! It sure was a hassle to travel though... Lily managed to get sick before we left - remained sick the entire trip (including her first ear infection) and is STILL fighting off this cold (as are mom and dad) NO fun!
We got to meet up with several other Christian Mommies that I "meet" on! They link you up by your due date -- so we all formed our little group and chatted throughout pregnancy! Imagine getting together 10, 10 month olds at once. LOL Due to naps, different schedules and some of us on borrowed time zones... I'm not sure we ever got them all together?! We did have a wonderful time with them all.

Lily still wasn't a big fan of the beach - but she totally enjoyed the pool!

After our fun in the sun - we hit up gooood ole NC for some TLC (and help!) Lily was kinda cranky... but she still showed off for Grandma and Grandpa - learning how to crawl and pull up on things (and mastered her whine to get what she wants!)
She got to hang out with Melissa and her mom (thanks so much for coming!!!) Enjoy her first piece of celery AND she met her first bald(ing?) head (Uncle Poopsie was sick and unable to provide this service)
She gave out lovely open mouth kisses and rubbed noses

and she found herself in the Great Pumpkin Patch (Charlie Brown)

She had lots of fun with Grandma and Papa -- and she was on a nap strike for much of the time as well! Guess that's what grandparents are for huh? Spoiling you and therefore RUINING you for when you go back home to mom and dad. THANKS... sortta. She also got to see MiMi. We were unable to go meet new baby cousin Sawyer due to Lily's fever and cold :( And Uncle Richard and Aunt Reber I MEAN Reba were kind, as always, to make the effort and come visit us! I believe Grandma has pictures of those that I don't!! (Scott and Nina were going to meet up with us until Uncle Poopsie got a barf-bug... we appreciate them NOT sharing that with us before our long plane ride home!)
We safely (after a looooooooooooooong day) returned home to Daddy and a very cold Anchorage with snow on the ground! It's a lovely 20 degrees today and nippy to say the least! Just a few days ago...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wow this is harder to keep up with than it use to be...

Richard and Reba - I got the book! That was SO sweet... you will get a formal thank you card - but I just remembered and I wanted to write it down now! It came when mom was here :) Those are some of the only pictures of Lily we have printed!!

Let's see.. a quick update - Lily's getting all sorts of teeth. She's got her 2 on the bottom, her two fangs on the top and the top middle two are coming in. She's also getting ready to cut two more on the bottom. She's not "crawling" Let's just say she takes her time and does things when SHE's ready. She's already stubborn :) She is really close - she gets up on all fours, she rocks back and forth and she army crawls! She says Mama and Daddy or DaDa now. She's constantly gurgling her spit or milk or anything in the back of her throat and giggling. She naps with her blankets - anything soft and cuddly... and as SOON as she touches it - no matter where she is, she puts her thumb in her mouth :) She loves to eat - especially anything she can feed herself. She usually her left hand mostly... And we just went to the Dr yesterday. She's got pink eye :*( That's what we get for going to church daycare!

I started work and it's been nothing short of Alaska-tastic as we now refer to it. We've had a bazillion things go wrong and come up with childcare and such. We really do things here by going 1 step forward and 7 back. We're still on the hunt for the perfect childcare... or I'll just quit? I'm only working 2 days a week - but the income is a nice bonus that allows us some more "fun" shall we say... and it's kinda nice to get out (even though it breaks my heart...)

Josh is still waiting to hear on his residency. WE're trying not to be hopeful because it's really not at all probable that he would get it this year -- he's applying a year early... and you know how quick the military moves - can you imagine them doing something early? But... all things considered, we still really hope we get it. We're tired of Alaska to say the least. It's just too far away - that's all!

Enjoy the pictures - including some from Josh's pie in the fact that he was awarded at work! Lily is currently crawling (imagine low crawling... army style) all over the place as I type! LOL

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