Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Just Jewelry

If you've never heard of it... it's a Christian owed jewelry company that's run through at-home sales/parties! I'm now able to sell and offer it to YOU! That's right! Paroose the catalog and email me if there is anything you want! I'll be making a large order within the next 2-3 weeks! Then I can always order as time goes by. There are other items I can order not in the catalog - such as older inventory, sunglasses and pashminas in all colors!
Shop away - I'll offer you a deal for your first order - just email to ask :)
Prices are: Necklaces $20, Earrings $10, Bracelets $15, Watches $26, Keychains $10, Sterling Silvers: Rings $32, Anklets $26, Toe Rings $12
Tax will be applied according to where you live and a small shipping fee from me to you (as in a few bucks total).
If you'd like to offer a catalog party to your friends/family - I can offer you AND them incentives! Just shoot me an email.

Happy Shopping! Click here

I also never posted about my other little craft projects! I've been busy making hair clippies and trading them/selling them amongst my cloth diapering friends/boards! Feel free to check out that website as well!
KK's Clippies

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lions, tigers and bears - OH MY

Well, more like... porcupine, moose, muskoxen, grizzly bear, eagle, bison.... We decided last minute to drive down to Girdwood and check out the Alaskan Wildlife Reservations. It's wild game that have been wounded at some point and don't survive the wild - but they stay in this outdoor park behind these tiny little chicken wire fences! Pretty fun! Lily enjoyed it - never mind her snot factory face and drooly julie chin! I didn't look so hot myself though so... :o)
The doll sheep were on the way down. They live here in Alaska and they literally just climb around on the very edges of the mountains!! Totally cool - this was my first time seeing them!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our beautiful lilies we received for Easter from Grandma and Poppie! They're so giant and beautiful?! I don't know how they took such great care of them and shipped them -- and this is how they turned out?! Beautiful?!
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Friday, April 17, 2009

For those of you asking...

Here's the beached whale. Sorry - these are a bit outta focus - but I did it by myself - so forgive me, k?


note how off center my belly button is? Apparently the right side of my uterus is more comfortable than the left because both girls have preferred to ALWAYS be on that side!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thank you Easter Bunny!
(just to prove that my child is smart... see her beverage of choice? Ok - before you turn me into CPS, this was clearly an empty bottle... but mom and dad enjoyed the Southern Goodness!)
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter everyone! We had a wonderful weekend after a LONG week of Josh being in an "exercise" and working nights all week! WHEW - the weather has been nice and warm - I think we even hit 40 degrees! But 35 and sunny really makes us giddy around here :o) Closest thing we have to spring! So Lily got to "play" outside for over an hour! She thought it was grand :) She wanted to play in the "wawer" (water) and we eventually had to go in for dry clothes. Daddy enjoyed washing and waxing his car... boys, they enjoy strange things :) Mom just enjoyed being outside and watching her sweet Lily walk around (instead of hauling her everywhere!) We dyed our eggs - mostly mom and dad... Lily dyed her fingers and even her lips :) Then we had a wonderful get together with our friends here in town! We even put Lily down over at their house and stayed up late playing games... it was fun not to be parents for the night!
Church was amazing, I hear... I enjoyed trying to explain Jesus death on the cross and miraculous rising from the dead to the 3 year olds! SWEET. I also enjoyed taking a sweet little 3 year old boy who is potty training to the bathroom... let me just tell ya, I was perplexed when I got in there whether to actually put him on the potty or let him stand there. I have no little boy training.... forgive me and enjoy the laugh!
We came home to play in Lily's Easter basket (95% funded by grandma) and watch her twirl around in her cute little Easter dress. She was a trip! She's napping now as mom and dad enjoy the Masters (and you people think golf isn't exciting.....) and we're going out to a nice family dinner at 4pm (we're old aren't we??) to top off our day! Rejoice in the Lord for He has risen indeed!