Friday, July 23, 2010

California, here we... ARE

I know we're behind. Give us time, ok? First I most post and say... my dear husband's last post has made me cry on MANY occasions. He wrote it the day I flew out with one child on each hip and Mozzie (grandma Pernell) at my side to help. It was a sad, sad day and VERY bitter sweet. We had some rough times in Alaska and never got to enjoy it quite like we had hoped... but we had a VERY tight family of friends that we love dearly. We miss them all SO very much. Lily asks daily for all of her friends. She once told me "Well mom, we need to get on our airplane and go then" after I told her we couldn't go over and see her friends because they were in Alaska. She often times picks up her shovel and asks to go play in the snow as well! Our latest heartbreak was when we were all packed up in the car and heading to visit a new church. Lily was so excited and then... it made sense. "I get to play with Kinley mama? And Peyton?" Um... no sweetie, we're trying a new church...

That being said - the girls are doing pretty well. They've handled all the change... as well as you could expect. NOT that it has been easy. They thoroughly enjoyed their little vacation at Papa and Mozzie's house and all the extra attention, extra sugar, extra lack of rules... you get my point. They missed their Daddy but that was NEVER more evident than after we were finally all back together again as a family! Reesie Piece is a HUGE Daddy's girl. From the moment he walks in the door she wants nothing to do with anyone else and demands his every attention! If she hears a rumble outside - she goes to the door and waits for Daddy to come in! If he bypasses her for a moment - to use the bathroom, unload his arms, or to DARE kiss his wife or Lily first... Reese makes her general disapproval known to everyone within earshot! It's cute and endearing... and frankly, I enjoy it! Lily continues to be a mama's girl. She's still an emotional child... she can be the sweetest child in the world and is VERY in tune to other's feelings! That being said, she's also quite over dramatic with her own! She has potty trained, moved into a big girl bed and learned to ride her tricycle with ease. She's also learned that Reese is now wedging in on her toys, her turf and her quality "me" time! Reese is walking and trying to run, climbing on EVERYTHING, into EVERYTHING and gets VERY excited about doggies and birds! She has some baby talk going on, but no obvious verbal inclination at this point! She's a poor sleeper... but we have faith she'll get it figured out... EVENTUALLY!!

We're all enjoying our new home! It fits us beautifully and we really enjoy it. The kids love playing outside and we're out there several times a day! They've also enjoyed eatting the fresh (and rotten...) fruits that are growing around back including plubs, oranges (well, its' the neighbors tree... but we can read'em!), strawberries and apples -- and are watching the grapes grow and ripen on the vine! There are roses blooming that we hope to get pruned back and under control as well as several other beautiful flowers. They've both learned what "bugs" are. Reese doesn't care and will happily put them in her mouth. Lily flips out... she just wasn't accustomed to bugs where we were! But she's learning... and she likes to use the fly swatter. We've all gotten a little bit more vitamin D in our system and it feels good!!

Just a quick little update to say "Hi from sunny California" and we hope to be back with more! I'll try and get some pictures up eventually!!