Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hi Everybody

Lily wanted to say Hi... especially to cousin Analiese for lending out this outfit that she managed to slobber all over! Ahhh the life of a baby... PS - I've figured out how to fix the pictures that go sideways -but not the video? At least it has sound :o)

As if a pain the the knee isn't enough...

I got a root canal for my birthday. How cool is that?? NOT cool at all. Better yet (I guess... just ironic) I didn't even have a cavity - just an infected root and boy WAS it infected - it was quite potent to smell when he opened it! GROSS!!!! I just noticed I keep typing "route" canal... :o) I guess he was making a route up my root, right?
Lily loves her bumbo, can't you tell? (Thanks auntie Alli and Cheryl)
Seriously though - I think these are great! She's still a little small for hers... but I still wanted to try. BAD mommy...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I know I know, I'm falling behind...

Well, you've got one thing right! I'm FALLING... and that I did - about 2 weeks ago when we went out for a nice little afternoon of skiing! It was beautiful, we were staring at Mt McKinley and the water the whole way down - and the view must have captured my attention and therefore I didn't see that big ice ball - when bam... I hit it and hit the ground... and it appears that I have torn my ACL among other things in there -- surgery is pending sometimes in the new few weeks... SIGH... so prayers are absolutely welcomed!!! It's a lot to handle right now ----- so let's just look on the brighter side of things... Lily is just TOOOOOOOOOO cute! Here's a little slideshow of the past few weeks! Josh turned 29 (whew??), Melissa came to visit (which was GLORIOUS... so nice to have such a great friend here and so much help with Lily... we miss her...), Lily turned 2 months and got her first round of shots (small tear rolling down my cheek here...) She now weighs:
DRUM ROLL PLEASE........... a whopping
10lbs 1 oz (I know, she's a little tike... but she's growing!)
21.1 inche slong
She was 7lbs 1oz at birth and then lost about half a pound or so and 20 inches long. She's amidst the 25th-50th percentiles... and the doctor the jokingly said - "Looking at you two, I wouldn't expect her to be the tallest kid on the block" No kidding :o) MAybe she'll take after uncle Scott??
These are just a few silly pictures - I also got my hair chopped!! Enjoy