Friday, September 4, 2009

It's here!! Send me an email or a note if you'd like a new catalog! I've got new jewelry on the way if you want to come over and see it OR if you'd like to host a party! If you're not here in Alaska (as most of you aren't... darn it...) you can host a catalog party and earn discounted and even free jewelry! Wonderful company to work for... because YOU are much more important than what you wear... it's Just Jewelry (get it? just jewelry? nothing more... because you're MUCH more than that!)

And... just a little favorite here :)

I have pictures to post - but alas, I have no time it seems. Imagine that with 2 under 2?? For those of you that haven't heard - Lily has had a time lately with her tummy. She's been intolerant to dairy (more specifically the milk protein) since she was tiny, but we kinda thought we had outgrown that! She doesn't eat any primary dairy (cow's milk, yogurt, cheese...etc) but we had been giving her bites of foods prepared with dairy here and there. Well... what we thought was going well, quickly went astray! Lily just had a lovely 6 weeks worth of diarrhea (sorry for the gross information here. Would you like me to include pictures??) All of this resulted in many loads of laundry, a nasty rash, and a cranky child (wait... she was already a... "spirited" child). We got to see the GI doc this week as she was visiting from Hawaii and she proposed she think Lily now has a soy allergy. Ohhhhhhhhhh bother.... that's quite a diet this kiddo will be on! If you've ever read labels - you know right about now that soy and/or dairy is in EVERYTHING! So, we prepped Lily (read 1.5 days of no eating, only clear liquids and 8 doses of Miralax to clean her out) and all went in Thursday morning for her to have a scope! She had an endoscopy all the way down into her small intestines and then a colonoscopy. The dr said afterwards that Lily had a lot of mucus in her stomach which could be normal... other than that, her small intestines looked very "worn out" she said - not like they were suppose to look... very bumpy where they were suppose to be smooth and so forth. Her colon had some irritation and lymph nodes present that would come with an allergy response... but this area was not as bad as she was expecting.
Sooooooo all in all - we just have to wait for the biopsies to give us results! She didn't seem alarmed and said she was still expecting the same results as before the procedure... possible allergies -- as well as she wanted to test for celiac disease. So we're just in a holding pattern for now until we hear! It'll be a few weeks... so we're just sticking tight.
We appreciate your thoughts and prayers - but we truly feel blessed. We'll be glad to have an answer and get this little girl on her way to feeling 100%!