Saturday, January 24, 2009

As promised... what is Lily up to these days?

Lily's favorite things...

hmmm... think she's got a little of her mama in her? Also not pictured... pitching lots of fits and playing in the toilet (when Daddy forgets to put down BOTH lids)

Merry Christmas 2008

So I finally downloaded these pictures today?! YIKES -- I'm just going to put a linky to the whole album. I haven't put catchy subtitles in or anything... nor did I look them over very well to delete any of me picking my nose or anything. So just forgive me :) Christmas day we spent sharing with family via webcam and opening our gifts to one another, Santa and the Elston gifts! Then Mom and Dad came up to celebrate with us a few days later!!
Merry Christmas 2008

Friday, January 23, 2009

PPS - Lily's getting a....

coming this May, 2009?! Not only will she gain a cousin, she'll gain a sister?! Craziness?? But what else are we suppose to do stuck up here in Alaska?!

ACK -- more to come

Soooo keeping up with this while working (just 2 days a week... but still) AND chasing a crazy busy little toddler (is she REALLY a toddler already??) -- WHEW. Forgive me! I have many Christmas photos and videos to post... someday. Including a few of Lily's favorite new things to do -- or shall I say get into?!
But for now - her 1 year pictures are up?! She was a grump on picture day... and pretty clingy. But we did alright. Many of you will be introduced to Lily's crazy faces in these pictures! She LOVES to make silly faces and giggle at herself?! So don't expect the usual sweet - smiling kid pictures... just be ready.
Elston_lily1 is the password?!

And we'll be home soon?! We're coming into town on February 16th -- we will probably try and have a cook-out over at Mom and Dad's on that Saturday afternoon/evening so we can see you all?! Plan on it k? I'll tell mom she's hosting later HAHAHA