Saturday, October 31, 2009


We are alive and well... I just haven't caught up on here lately! WHEW - forgive me... my hands are fuller than you can imagine!
Lily's tests did come back. It basically just shows allergic responses are going on in her GI tract. So for now, she is to remain dairy, soy and gluten free. In December we'll trial her on gluten and reintroduce it into her diet to see how it goes! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.
Reese continues to be a sweet, cute and absolutely adorable little girl! She's smiling and giggling a ton - she loves being on her belly and playing with ANYONE who will give her attention! She has a temper for sure and will let you know immediately if you're not doing what she wants you to do! She does suck/chew on her hands but is primarily a paci girl! We've had some ups and downs with possible allergies with her lately but we *think* we're in the clear. She hasn't started solids yet because of this! She's starting to be able to sit up for small moments on her own - mostly on a soft surface because she'll face plant at any moment in time! She loves to be scared and just laughs with her whole body when you startle her! She also thinks Lily is the funniest thing around.
Lily has proven to be one smart cookie. She cracks us up (and drives us crazy...) every single day. She's learning a ton and I couldn't even begin to count the words in her vocabulary. She's very... charming. We think she has a future in the arts considering how dramatic and expressive she can be! She is the life of the party everywhere we go and people just adore her. That same spunk can drive mom and daddy to the edge some days as well!! We're just so thankful to have a healthy, happy girl. She's a different child since going on her diet and we've thankfully had solid stools for over 3 weeks now! Never thought a turd would be so exciting...
We celebrated Halloween by carving our Elmo pumpkin and then heading to church for our Harvest Party. Reese was a doll and just happy to be in her stroller and Lily had a blast! She didn't know what to do with herself with all the cool things to do! She hardly even noticed all the candies and treats that she couldn't eat! She enjoyed her bottle caps, sweettarts and nerds though! Thanks to "Mozzie" for sending the adorable ladybug costumes. They both were SO stinking cute I could just eat'em up. You can see a bit of Lily's personality in the picture below... including her climbing into the basket on the stroller and demanding to go out to the car this way. Ahhh, that's my child. Miss Independent.