Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

How cute am I?!

Santa loves me too!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Rubber ducky, you're the one.... you make bath time lots of fun!

Lily had her first bath (at home) and it was super fun! She fussed only until she was covered by the warm wash cloth - then she just enjoyed it and watched us the whole time!!! Here are a few pictures of us the last couple of days!!
Daddy teaching Lily about video games...

Ittle bitty fingers and toes are SOOOO kissable...

Deep in thought already!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sorry the sound doesn't work...

Sorry?! I got the video loaded... finally, but without sound? Go figure... I'll try and reload it at some point :o) In the meantime, we're at home and trying to get stuff put away and set up for our little one! She's doing great... nursing well, and even sleeping pretty well thus far! I have a feeling she's going to start waking up more and more in the next few days :o)
Here's a couple of VERY non-posed, unprofessional pictures... but it'll sufice until we try and take some others!!!

Daddy and his girls... :o)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lily Belle Elston is here!!!

We've just arrived home and are trying to get things in order... Graci has yet to arrive and meet her new rival! Lily was born on December the 15th, just like mom asked for, at 5:53pm Alaska time! There were no complications whatsoever (other than a few rude remarks pre-epidural) and Miss Lily made her debut 12 hours after she first started stirring early Saturday morning! We've got a little video to post and we'll try and get more up late tonight/tomorrow!! Thanks so much to all - we're definitely in love with this little girl! (Please excuse my appearance... it was a long day :o)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!!

That's right... one year ago today, we were getting married... and today we were reminded of all of those reasons that we chose to marry one another! The day was filled with several sentimental moments and tears... mostly by me this time instead of Josh! (we'll blame it on pregnancy...) We had a very laid back day that we were able to just enjoy one another's company and realize exactly why we love one another soo much... and I'll be the first to stay there are more reasons today than there were 1 year ago when I pledged my love to this man for a lifetime! God is good. We did go out for a nice steak dinner which was well above our budget but supported by great "grandparents" :o) We had some GREAT steak and topped it off with a free key lime pie that was AMAZING! We also came home to put on our comfy clothes (ie stretchy pants after that dinner!!) and partake in the traditional eating of our wedding cake. IT was awful... the icing still tasted good - the cake? Tasted a little like sand. HA - Enjoy the photos...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

37+ week belly! We're FULL TERM now

That's right - we're considered full term as of Thursday - 37 weeks. So bring it on... and GET HER OUT!!! I'm more than ready for her to be out... as far as taking on motherhood? We'll see, but being unpregnated (think about that word for a minute...)? DEFINITELY READY!!! Stay posted...

Graci roasting on an open fire...

That doesn't sound very nice, I know... but look at what my little cutie decided to do when I wasn't availble for her to cuddle in my lap? Find a new, warm spot...

What a little cutie... At first, she was curled up on the tile... so I put the blanket up there for her! Ahhh, my first born :o)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Josh had a shower!!! FINALLY - haha

Well, he usually does take showers on a daily a basis - but I still like the play on words! The folks at the Elmendorf pharmacy (aka Josh's colleagues) gave him a shower yesterday during lunch time! It was a GREAT time and the folks were sooo gracious... we were just warmed and blessed by the love, gifts and support to the 2.5 of us when we're so new to things here! They all brought in yummy homemade food and had a huge spread (even though for preggo people)and just enjoyed sharing this time with us! Josh got a big taste of pink and opening gifts that are just "cute" - He usually had to take a few minutes to figure out exactly what each of these items were... but he got the hang of it. He got several "I love daddy" items that he was just thrilled about! My favorite was the Boppy moment... despite having heard of these before (listening must have been his downfall) he was perplexed with this one! HA Enjoy seeing Daddy in action with all this pink!