Saturday, June 28, 2008

We really DO have friends!

(*hint - click on the pictures to see them bigger! Hard to see in the tiny slideshow!*)
That's right! Josh and Sarah came up to vacation with us here in Alaska! It's been SOOO great to have them here with us and enjoy this time with them! They were able to head up to Denali national park for a few days on the Alaskan railroad and enjoy some hiking and even white water rafting (depsite Sarah being pregnant!!) My Josh was stuck working as usual... but because he did so fantastic on his physical fitness test last week - he got to take an extra day off work! So, he graciously kept Lily for the day on Friday so I could go play with our friends! We headed down to Whittier and out on a glacier tour! Here's a link to our pictures (too many to post!

The big Artic Thunder air show was also this weekend! Josh got to go to Whittier tody on a Halibut and Salmon fishing trip with our church -- so the rest of us packed up, had pizza at the Mooses Tooth (best pizza in Alaska...) then took off to base for the show! We got to see abunch of "our" (as in Elmendorf's) plane flying around and then the Thunderbirds!!! Most people are more familiar with the Blue Angels - the Navy stunt crew. This is the Air Force equivelant. It was great! I got a few pictures of that too!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!

He works VERY hard for me....

He takes me out to do fun things!

He reads to me at night!

He lets me do things I'm not suppose to when Mamma's not looking... like
lick the cookie dough beater!

He changes my cloth diapers and doesn't complain about it "WEEeeeeee"

He gives me baths (which are lots of fun...)

AND He loves me dearly...... Ode to MY Daddy

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We're home....

Post and pictures to follow sometime in the new few days - but for now... Lily is tired ;)