Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

To our Dear Neighbor Ms Nora aka - stand in Grandma


Ode to Daddy - Happy Father's Day to our very own Incredible!

You take me cool places

 you clean up my messes
 You do silly things - as dumb as they sound
 and even let me just hang around
 You make me laugh and dance all crazy
and carry me when I'm feeling lazy!
You teach me how to do things right... but best of all you hold me tight.
 We love you Daddy!!! 

Reese is 2!!

Ok Ok - lay off of her.  She just turned 2, what did you expect?  With that finger, she's at least half way there!  Oh and the thumb - she's 3/4s of the way there to having 2 fingers up :)
We had a bash!  Fun was had by all. 
 Daddy and Captain Dargish got to do all the dirty work!  Papa and Mozzie gifted a trampoline... for better or worse...
Lily decided to hang around and wait until...

 it was time to JUMP JUMP JUMP
then came the REAL party.  Cupcakes!!!

The Dargish clan, Ms. Nora, Ms. Ellyce  and the Southam's were all there!

Yes, of course Lily got a cupcake too!

Notice the icing was all but gone before she started in on the cake part?

Of course there were presents!  Where Grandma and Poppy, Papa and Mozzie and Ms. Nora are involed...... there are always presents!!!

Look!  I actually caught a Southam kid on camera :)

"Did I get it right that time Mommy?"  No dear... thank goodness you're not 5 yet.

Happy 2nd Birthday Reesie Cup!